St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School Board

Mission Statement

The mission of the St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School Board is to affirm our Catholic Christian values through creating a community of trust and understanding enabling our students to advance into the future both spiritually and academically as witnesses of Christ.  As partners in education, we will develop and support policies, provide counsel on fiscal matters, and serve as a public relations source in accordance with St. Paul the Apostle Parish and Diocesan policies.

School Board Members

Name & Title Email Address
Fr. John Klein
Corie Alimento - Principal
Craig Galyon – President
Rayna Gregurich - Vice President
Michelle Nahorski – Secretary
Stephanie Cullen
Tom Papandria
Jeff Weiss
Christy Widlak
Sue Steed 
Tom Papandria
Phil Ardaugh


The St. Paul the Apostle CatholicSchool Board meets on the first Tuesday of each month (September-November and January-May) at 6:30 p.m. All parishioners are cordially invited to attend.  Please check the calendar tab on this website for specific dates.

We ask that you note these two points regarding School Board Meetings.

The School Board will not discuss personnel or staff questions at the School Board meeting since these matters are not appropriate for an open meeting.  There are school procedures that must be followed.  All personnel issues must be handled by the principal according to Diocesan policy.  We ask that you follow the procedures of the school in regard to any teacher or staff questions and/or problems you may have.

The principal generally makes agendas after consultation with the board president.  If a parent/guardian wants to place a topic on the agenda, a written description of the topic should be submitted to the school principal or the president at least ten days before the scheduled board meeting.  The decision will then be made as to the placement of the item on the next agenda.

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