St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School is accredited in the State of Illinois.  St. Paul the Apostle follows the course of study and time allotments prescribed by the Catholic Schools Office of the Diocese of Joliet.  Students are required to attend all scheduled classes.

Curriculum Guides


The program generally includes (1) teacher-made tests, (2)Project-based authentic assessments, (3) Diocesan Standards assessment, (4) publishers' textbook tests, (5) readiness tests, and  (6) standardized tests (ITBS) for grades 3 through 8. 

High school placement tests for eighth graders are dminisitered at the area high schools.


Parents/guardians may be requested to engage in private tutoring services if their child(ren) demonstrates a difficulty in keeping up with their classmates. Tutoring is not an additional responsibility of the teacher and/or school.

Special Needs

Students with IEPs or special needs will be given a modified curriculum as deemed appropriate by the principal and school resources.  Requirements and expectations will be adjusted by the faculty and principal for these students.