Field Trips

Field  trips are privileges and are encouraged at each grade level. Field trips are planned by the school and/or individual teacher to provide the opportunity for the student to learn through experience.  Field trips are to be educational.  They provide a learning situation that otherwise would not exist.  Parents/guardians who are selected to be chaperones are determined by the teacher planning the field trip.  All chaperones must have completed the Protecting God's Children requirement.

Before departing, students are required to bring a signed permission slip from their parent/guardian indicating approval of the trip and allowing participation.   Uniforms are worn on most field trips unless excused by the principal.  Field trips may be withheld as a consequence for poor academic accomplishment or conduct.

The school will not arrange transportation of students on any school-sponsored trips except when a regularly state licensed/certified public carrier transports such students.

If a parent/guardian has any problem with a field trip, the school is to be informed in writing within 72 hours of that trip. 

The philosophy of St. Paul the Apostle School is based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ, and in conjunction with St. Paul's parish, the school will endeavor to provide the best possible Catholic education for the total student.  In partnership with the family, the parish, and the public, St. Paul the Apostle sees its goal as enabling all students to achieve increasing levels of academic accomplishments with positive growth in social and emotional well-being. We accept the responsibility by providing opportunities for all students to reach their maximum educational potential through a challenging and well-rounded curriculum.  Emphasizing mutual respect and trust, St. Paul the Apostle prepares students for life-long learning by empowering each one to develop self-esteem and discover each child's potential in a nurturing atmosphere that celebrates academic excellence and an appreciation for cultural diversity.  St. Paul the Apostle School recognizes the value of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, including athletics, fine arts, journalism, technology, and student government in building Christian character by contributing to a spirit of cooperation and well-rounded personal development.




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