Sacramental Programs

In order to complete the full course of Christian Initiation, students are prepared to receive those sacraments that build upon and complete their baptism.  Parents/guardians are required to attend in-service workshops to help prepare their children for the worthy reception of these sacraments.

Reconciliation-This sacrament leads the children to recognize the importance of being sorry for wrongdoing and always trying to be a better follower of Jesus.  Second grade students make their "First Confession" at the end of November.  Individual homerooms in grades 3-8 receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation at least once in the course of the year; parents are also encouraged to take their children to Confession regularly.

First Eucharist-This sacrament is the "source and summit" of the entire Catholic Faith since it is Jesus himself, truly present in his body and blood.  After completing their First Reconciliation, second grade students receive their First Communion in May.

Confirmation-This sacrament "confirms" and strengthens the grace of baptism, empowering a person to witness to the Faith with greater strength and conviction.  Preparation for Confirmation begins in seventh grade and the bishop administers the sacrament in the second semester of eighth grade.  Preparation consists of class work, activities of Christian service, and a retreat.