Safety Patrol

Eighth grade students compose the Safety Patrol.  Their job is to protect children and help them be aware of traffic hazards.  Assistance is also provided to pre-school and pre-kindergarten students when they arrive at school.

Duty time is assigned by the Safety Patrol sponsor, on a rotation basis.  Patrol members are asked to assume either before school (7:45-8:00) or after school (2:55 - 3:10) responsibilities or both.

While on patrol, members are to give complete attention to traffic and students crossing the streets.  They are expected to act in a mature manner and demonstrate behavior that is a credit to the school.  Punctuality is required.  Safety Patrol Captain and Co-Captain are to make sure patrol members are on duty at the assigned time and are fulfilling their responsibilities correctly.  If and when this does not happen, they report the problem to the Patrol Sponsor, who then issues a demerit for each offense.  If a patrol member earns three demerits, he/she is dropped from the Safety Patrol.  All students participating in the Safety Patrol who are in good standing in May will be treated to a special field trip as a reward for good service.


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